About Us

Python Belgrade is an organization which is engaged in promoting Python programming language.

We organize Meetups where experienced Python programmers talk on various subjects such as data science, gaming, blockchain, software programming, server-less technologies, data science, etc.

Our goal is gathering large number of IT experts in order to raise awareness of the potential of Python programming language.

Python Belgrade was founded in 2015 with purpose of gathering all the people involved with Python programming language, in order to exchange their knowledge and experience.

Today we have over 1400 members and 17 meetups behind us.

Meetups are always organized on the last Friday of the month, they are always in English and we try to have at least one foreign lecturer on each meetup. We have grown a lot over the years and we can proudly say that nowadays we have over 100 visitors on every meetup !

We realized that it’s time to take it to the next level.

In the entire Balkan Peninsula there wasn’t any PyCon conference by now, so we decided to give people the opportunity to hear big and important names and see quality content, without having to travel around Europe.

First PyCon Balkan will be held on November 16-18, 2018.

Our goal is to bring quality lecturers not only from Serbia and Balkan region, but from abroad as well. We would like to give attendees the opportunity to learn something new, given that they hadn’t had the chance to attend the event like this anywhere in Serbia or in the region.

Belgrade, Serbia, even the whole Balkans deserve to be on the map of this kind of events!