F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

The Python Conference (PyCon) is an annual convention for the discussion and promotion of the Python programming language. It originated in the United States but is also held in many other countries that have active Python developer communities. PyCon Balkan is the first PyCon conference in the Balkan region and it is organized by Python Belgrade organization, which has a long history of organizing Python meetups in Belgrade. PyCon Balkan 2018 will deal with a wide range of topics related to the Python programming language, especially those which have not been discussed in such open forum and in such detail in the Balkans until now. Our goal is to help participants discover new Python technologies, expand the community in the region and become a meeting point for Balkan programmers, students and companies interested in the Python programming language.

Paypal and Pay by invoice. If you would like to pay your ticket by invoice, please go to Buy Ticket, fill out necessary information about the tickets along with Registration Type & Tax Receipt Information. At the end of the page you will see the option > Other Payment Options > SEND INVOICE. Choose this option and you will get payment instructions on your email. Please note that payment needs to be executed no later than five days after receipt of instructions.

All about Belgrade and how to get there, you can find on our info page.

If you are interested to sponsor this event, please contact us on sponsors@pyconbalkan.com and we will be happy to provide all the information and answer all of your questions.

We value any proposal you may submit. As it is our goal to put Balkan on the map when it comes to quality, we will consider any talks and/or workshop proposals submitted by experts and qualified professionals. It does not matter to us if you are new to the stage or a veteran presenter – if you know that you have something to contribute to PyCon Balkan 2018 we would love to hear from you.

If you sent us the raw video material for promotional use in our social media, then there’s no need for both. However, you will need to sign agreement for live-streaming of the event.

At this time we do not offer any financial assistance for attendees coming to the conference.

Unfortunately we do not have partial tickets options.

Ticket sales will end on 15th of November.

What will the tickets prices look like? There is a regular ticket which costs €150, student ticket €85. Also, if you want to by more than 5 tickets, you will get 5% discount, and for more than 10 tickets 10% discount. If you are not sure about your plans yet, you will also be able to buy late bird tickets, which will be available 2 weeks before the event, and which will cost €200.

We can offer you 20% discount per night on rooms in Hilton hotel, where the conference will be held. We also have a room block in Hotel Park and Slavija to make sure you can get hotels for the conference very close by, please contact us if you need to book one of the hotels with a discounted rate.

Your Conference ticket covers an all access pass to the conference/workshop including lunch, coffee breaks, snacks, T-shirt and goodies.

Yes, you need to show us some kind of student identity document like ( eg. ISIC )

You can refund your ticket, but no later than 30 days before the event, or if you wish you can contact us and we will transfer your ticket to whomever you wish us to. We will need some information like name and email of the person you are transferring your ticket to.

That most definitely was not us. All tickets are personalized, and they cannot be used in any other capacity. Discounted tickets can only be accessed by registration code, and its sent only by the Organizers or Ambassadors of PyCON Balkan.

Attendees can receive refunds up to 30 days before event start date.

If you want to, but we highly recommended to do so, because there is going to be a lot of activities that you might need to use it for.

Yes, of course.

If you would like to make changes to you proposal, please contact Conference Manager Od Jacobsen at od@pyconbalkan.com.

You can send an email to info@pyconbalkan.com and let us know, we will be happy to help any time.

If you want to make changes, have some questions or doubts about PyCon Balkan you can always send us an email to[ info@pyconbalkan.com](mailto:info@pyconbalkan.com , we will gladly help you with everything you need.

No, workshops do not cost extra. However, places are limited for workshops, so if you would like to participate in a workshop, please apply here.

If you are interested to help us organize this event, please apply to be a volunteer through our google form, which you can also access on Organizers page.

Best option is to use car:go app you can download it off the store. In case you are getting off the airplane and can't find the cargo taxi, it's safe to use the taxis at the airport, just make sure that you pick up the ticket from the airport and tell them that you are going to the city center. Don't get into random un-labeled taxis, they might scam you. Don't pay taxi drivers in EUR, use serbian currency.

You most likely won't need to use Serbian money, as most places accept debit cards, if you actually do need to get cash, you can just use any ATM from any bank they won't scam you and the service fee is not that huge. In case you have hard cash on you and want to exchange, Exchanges in Belgrade mostly safe, and will very rarely scam you, just check google for the current rate and you will be fine.