Styria is sponsoring PyCon Balkan!

We would like to thank Styria for supporting and sponsoring our event!

Styria's digital development department counts over 40 employees that are working on web portals and applications development and is divided in multidisciplinary teams combined of Project manager, web developer (back-end i front-end), mobile developer, web designer, data scientist, SEO/SEM specialist and Quality assurance specialist.

They are part of Styria Media Group, owner of Croatian daily newspapers and news portals. Each of them is taking the leading position in their segment and Styria's web portals monthly reach up to 2,15 million readers which is 81,2% of Internet users in Croatia (gemiusaudience).

Styria's main product is Cora CMS developed by Django framework. Editor's user interface is a single-page application that communicates with backend through API (Django Rest Framework). Their CMS has 94% code coverage.

"Beside web portals, we are also developing specialized mobile applications for external clients. Technologies we use depend on project requirements and till now we have developed native applications, hybrid (Ionic), progressive web applications (Vue.js), and in our lates projects we focus on React Native tehnology. All of these applications are relying on backend that is usually made in Django, and most of them use gamification to drive more customer activity.

We also cooperate with our Data Science team on implementation of solutions they are developing for different clients. Even Google is financing a development of one of these projects. We have time dedicated to research and development of our new web platform when we are testing what can be done with microservises on serverless architecture. We store our code in self-hosted GitLab. Code review and Continuous integration are unavoidable on the way from code editor to production."

Posted by Irina Nišavić