New website up and running

New website

Hi, everyone !
We have done some work on the website for 2019, even though the new redesign is not yet here this is what we did so far, and are allowed to publicly disclose :)

Historical website

We want to keep all historical data preserved for future generations/communities which will take over the project, and of-course we want to keep all our events in history for as much as possible!
Therefore we have added the archive page, which will present historical snapshots of all our historical events :)


We know that we will use the old Slack workspace for during conference so if you are already logged in don't sign out, you can use it for next year ;)

That's it for now from me ๐Ÿ‘‹ @Od will take it from here just like last year

Best regards, Bojan

Posted by Bojan Jovanoviฤ‡