Lightning talks


Throughout the last 2 years of organizing conferences and meetups, we have noticed that people particularly in this region are not aware or are comfortable with the Lightning Talk concept and have difficulties applying and participating.

We would like to clear this stigma out and explain to everyone why this is very fun and beneficial event and why everyone should participate.

Fine, so give me the lowdown how does it really work ?

Lightning talks are 5-10 minutes long, on any topic of interest to other Python people. It doesn't have to be about something that you wrote, it can be something that you learned, or a technique you think other people will be interested in.

You know that thing at work that everyone comes to you for help with? Talk about that!

You know that thing you just learned that helped you out? Talk about that!

You know that thing you always wish you understood, but haven't figured out yet? Talk about that!

Things people say when they think they can't do a lightning talk:

”Everyone already knows THING_X”

”I’m not an expert at anything”

”It's scary talking in front of people”

”I have an idea but it's no good”

Okay so, i'm still not convinced

We participated PyCon US 2019, and we have asked the people from the conference to explain to everyone the lightning talk concept, we put together these videos into a descriptive fun tutorial that sums it up pretty much on what you will need to know before you get into a lightning talk, check out the video at the top of the page !

Parts borrowed from the official PyConUS website's explanation of lightning talks.