Od Jacobsen

Coordinator | Speakers | Sponsors

My name is Od, I am from Denmark and I have been living in Serbia for the last 6 years.

This is now our second year of PyCon Balkan and the last time taking place in Belgrade (for now). Personally I love this location, while living here my love for this city and country has grown and cemented deep positive impressions of the culture and the people alike. I Guess I am one of those people who can, and don't mind, call multiple places my home.

I have little programming experience, I'd love to learn much more than I have accomplished so far over the years. Although I lag experience in programming I love to organise and surround myself with all the good people who work on and attending the PyCon Balkan conference.

With our experience from last year we will now work hard on meeting expectations and do an even better conference this year. 💪

See you in October! 🤘