Alexander Todorov

Project lead - Kiwi TCMS

Alex is a Senior QA engineer and Python developer with more than 13 years of experience. He's been responsible for testing and contributing to various open source products.

Alex is the project lead of Kiwi TCMS - the leading open source test case management system with long and vibrant history, the current maintainer of pylint-django and a contributor to pylint. He loves everything open source, wine and fast motorcycles!

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

Static analysis tools are usually the domain of developers. However they can be extended with custom plugins which serve to detect specific problems in your software product and even used as an early test tool.

For example:
- enforcing naming and code style patterns
- enforcing best practices and constraints
dictated by libraries and frameworks - enforcing permissions specific to the
software under test
- discovery of missing tests or coding patterns which may lead to bugs

This presentation will cover examples from the Kiwi TCMS open source project and explain how our team uses customized pylint plugins to make the software better!

While examples are specific to the tool and project the same principles can be applied across any programming language and static analysis tool.


pylint is the standard static analysis tool for Python. While it is very flexible sometimes this is not enough. pylint provides the possibility to extend it with your own customized plugins and this workshop will teach you how to do this. We are going to experiment with:

  • tokenization
  • abstract syntax trees
  • examining pylint's plugin architecture
  • creating simple plugins step by step

This workshop assumes you have a working understanding of Python and have used pylint in the past.


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