Andre Pastore

Software Developer - Olibra

Andre Pastore is a Brazilian Python community member and contributes for its growth organizing local meetups, talks and connecting more people together. Computer Scientist, a software developer for 23+ years, improved his development skills in the last years introducing test driven development practices. He likes to share his life experiences, tech skills, spreading the word about pytest framework, projects and systems architecture, readings, and his experience with people around the world.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

Let’s practice some tests, TDD, pytest and software development.

Tests help us build better software. Pytest helps us write better tests.

Test Driven Development is a great practice to deliver valuable and evolving working software and reliable solutions based on continuous iterations feedback for new requisites.

This hands on workshop is a step by step introduction for practical coding session driven by tests.

During three hours, a solution is written from simple and gradual test concepts using test driven development, until a complete REST API application with 100% covered by tests.

The workshop will cover the following conceptual topics in practice: . Simple assertions . Pytest framework (Fixtures, Parametrization, plugins, plugin development) . Code Coverage . Mocks and Spies . Integration tests . REST API tests

Pytest framework is introduced by its powerful features like its simple syntax, fixtures, parametrization, plugins, being an essential tool to build better and scalable tests ecosystem.

After 4 hours of handson workshop, the audience would experience the development of solutins, 100% covered by tests, learn how to decide to use or not a mock, when to use a spy and how pytest can help them to build this and even more.

Depending of the time, a Dojo session could be made with audience interaction.

Target audience: Very basic software development practice is required. Experienced people could take benefit from the talk too.

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