Andrii Soldatenko

Senior Python Developer | Toptal

My name is Andrii Soldatenko and I like testing and programming. I’m CTO in Moonshot Capital. Also I’m working as Senior Data Engineer (via toptal) in TV TIME.

I boast expertise as a Python and Golang developer with strong hard and soft skills. I have deep knowledge of automated-testing and really understands how to assess and improve project quality. I like to solve difficult tasks, algorithms and take part in sport programming contests. I’m also interested in databases and unix based operating systems and has fallen in love with natural language processing and text mining.

PyCon Balkan 2018 Talks

Competitive programming is really a fantastic discipline to improve your programming and math skills. The idea is very simple given well-known computer science problems, solve them as quickly as possible.

From another point, these challenges have been used frequently in the initial coding interview tasks. Usually all participants uses C/C++/Java, but last decade we can see increasing trend of contestants who uses Python in programming challenges.