Ewa Szyszka


Born and raised in Poland. Currently a Computer Science student at Minerva Schools at KGI and Electronics Engineering student at AGH University of Science and Technology. Maker-community supporter and in free time an eager motorcycle rider.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

We would learn a new alphabet, we will challenge Python code and explore how Python can get political. If you are interested using technology for social good and how Python can help us build an inclusive translator join the talk.


The workshop would encompass a step by step walkthrough an implementation of the basic sign language alphabet recognition using OpenCV and CNN Model (VGG16). The workshop participants would receive a walkthrough tutorial written in Anaconda Notebook that they can download from the github page. During the workshop, I would give the overview of the CNN architecture and most relevant terminology from the image recognition realm such as Convex Hull, Background subtraction, test and train data split, feature detection and Euclidean distance. The workshop is based on my Bachelor Thesis proposal which I am currently working on. The proposal can be found here: https://ewaszyszka.myportfolio.com/bachelor-thesis-proposal. Some of my preliminary results can be also found under this link. The difference between the workshop and the proposal would be that I would like to implement all of the workshop materials using CNN models as they are state-of-the-art of sign language recognition.