Luka Kladarić

Chaos Manager | Sekura Collective

Luka has been doing computer stuff professionally for over half his life. Despises frontend, likes doing talks. Likes putting out trash fires for money. Runs Sekura Collective, a chaos management agency.

Formerly infrastructure lead at, CTO/cofounder at and developer at Splits time between Zagreb and New York. Dreams in matrixcode.

PyCon Balkan 2018 Talks

Everyone loves features, right? Product loves features. Management loves features. The board loves features. Features are what make the users use and the investors invest, right?
They certainly make the media pay attention. What happens when, for 8 years straight, all you care about is features? Productivity grinds to a halt, production outages are a given, post-mortems are a joke and job satisfaction and happiness are flatlining.

Lessons learned unravelling layers and layers of terribleness to rediscover productivity and job satisfaction while also improving security and robustness of the products.