Martin Taleski

Lead Developer, Founder - Eyetea Solutions

I have been working as a Software Engineer since 2008. I have started with remote freelancing on 2011, and have since worked as an independent contractor for various customers, through freelancing platforms such as Toptal and Upwork.

I have founded my own company, Eyetea Solutions, in 2015. The team has since grown to 9 developers, and wWe currently function as a small freelance collective.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

The Django Admin is still relevant and widely usable in 2019. In fact it is one of best solutions for small to medium sized web applications, that need a simple data management admin interface. It is especially effective for projects that are under a tight budget constraint.

Despite the frequent community bashing that Django receives, the Admin it is still highly applicable and worth learning.

This talk would encourage novice and intermediate Django developers to invest time in exploring the Django Admin. It will touch on use cases when the Admin is favored option over building a custom solution from scratch, and how the Admin can be the one of the main selling points when talking to potential customers.