Ridhwana Khan

Developer | Software Consultant

Ridhwana Khan is an entrepreneur and a software developer. She is constantly fulfilling her passion of finding solutions to problems that meaningfully impact peoples lives through software consulting. Ridhwana has also co-founded a software development company which she helped build through it's early stages..

Ridhwana is also involved in multiple activities that empower women in tech. She is a co-organizer of a Ladies that UX and Women In Tech meetup group that serves a support system for women to build relationships with each other, whilst learning more about UX and Tech respectively. She is also a co-founder of a Non Profit Organisation called Kasi-Maths. Kasi Maths focusses on assisting children in poorer communities to understand mathematics.

Ridhwana earned a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

PyCon Balkan 2018 Talks

Moving towards consulting in the recent years has provided me with the opportunity to integrate within different clients environments and teams, thus exposing me to the unique set of learnings and challenges that come with each environment.

I’ve found that adapting, but not necessarily conforming has been essential. Challenging the norms, being curious and always learning has been key tools in my toolkit over the years.

I’d like to spend some time unpacking my tools to show you how I’ve used them to twist, turns and fasten the bolts of my journey in order to create a steady and stable structure that has allowed me to grow and thrive within the development community.