Sviatoslav Sydorenko

Senior Software Engineer - Red Hat

Hi, I'm Sviat and I'm a Python hacker. Find me as @webknjaz on Twitter and GitHub. By day, I work for Red Hat taking a crack at the Ansible Engine as a part of the Core team. Besides that, I'm a FOSS maintainer and contributor by night. I maintain CherryPy and aiohttp. My current interests include building workflow automations to make maintaining open source projects easier at scale.

PyCon Balkan 2019 Talks

Hello, fellow human 🧙!

You probably spend so much time doing recurring routines manually. What if I told you that you could skip it? What if I told you that you could spend this time better? Contribute to that tiny pet project of yours you never have time to complete? What if I told you how? Come.

In this talk, I'll share insights on how you can save time by automating recurring parts of your GitHub workflow with bots. We'll have a quick walkthrough of the tasks that can be automated and learn the important concepts of creating a bot with GitHub Apps. We'll also take a look at robots created for checking Pull-Requests for change fragments, running custom linter, and doing more creative stuff! If you have a couple of pseudo-user bots in your organization pretending to be humans, you'll also find out why you might want to reconsider.

After this talk attendees will know about the ways of automating their flows based on GitHub Apps integrations. They'll be able to reason about ups and downs of replacing parts of their processes with robots.

I'm co-maintaining ansibullbot — the robot which empowers contributors of Ansible Core Engine to collaborate and makes it possible for them to merge patches to community-maintained modules.

It's far from perfect so last year I've started looking out for ways to improve it. During this time I've learned quite a lot about developing GitHub Apps integrations, identified a number of problems with the Python ecosystem around those. So I'm currently trying to improve the situation, generalize common approaches and create a solid framework for writing bots for GitHub.

I want to empower everyone to write workflow automations abstracting all the boring details away.